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No more work holiday monday.
Today I've got to cut and laminate 100 or so bloody eggs. Why did i leave it so late.


I killed the wanky laminator. RIP you piece of crap. At least it laminated 135 eggs alright.

A's in bed, I'm listening to Gruff Rhys's Ni Yw Y Byd. Gotta love a song featuring the wonder that is the recorder, ain't ya!

I was going to make some wool pompoms to be a proper easter bunny, but get up and go got up and went in that respect. Will see how dry my shower sponge thing is, and pin that to my arse instead.
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small cut of my f-list. If you can see this post but not the next one then you've been cut. i'd be grateful if you could delete me too to keep my profile page tidy.
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Good morning all. So, they've changed the update journal thing, which shit me right up.

Rob and I watched My Stepmother is an alien last night and almost pissed ourselves laughing. Seth Green.. Oh my god. possibly the funniest cutest thing I've ever seen!

It's Abbie's birthday today, and I seriously can't believe she's 2! Where did the last 2 years go?! She's been absolutely spoilt rotten by the family.. She got Miffy and Spot books from my Dad, and a ride on trike thing too, colouring books and clothes (so far) from me and Rob - I don't get paid til tomorrow, so I'm getting her pressies after work.

We're meeting up with Nanny Beebee on Tuesday afternoon in Brighton, gotta finish off my Chrimbo shopping, and Nan's gonna treat Abbie to some bits too. Really looking forwards to that. I seriously don't see my family anywhere near enough, especially since we're all back in Sussex now!
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I tried this recently, and only got a few things asked. I've finally found my camera cable too sooooooooooo.....

Name 3 things you'd like me to take a photograph of and I'll post them here for you in a while. Be creative!
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New Franz Ferdinand Layout!!

Many many thanks to [ profile] zahrimsthoughts for all his help
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just done a f-list cut. If you can only see this one, then byebye.

Perhaps you've not updated in forever? Perhaps I can't remember why I friended you? Perhaps we just have nothing in common and it's stupid to stay friends with someone just for the sake of it.
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wheeeeeeeeeeee, i'm in such a good mood now.
i now have myspace too...

I can't remember my username though *d'oh* but i friended [ profile] spookycandystix so she might know
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Our futons arrived yesterday, and they're lovely., They're already up in the front room, so now me and Rob have a little sofa in our bedroom. The storage under one futon JUST contains my penpally stuff......... and bearing in mind these are 4 seater futons you can imagine just how much penpally stuff i have. I so need to throw stuff out., Because how ever much I think I WILL, I probably WONT use the scraps of punchinella that i've had for aeons!

Obviously I'm at work again right now, with 12 minutes of my lunch break left, and then 3 hours until my tea break. I can't wait to get home today. Since after I finish work I'm going to Three Bridges to get food in for Christmas, since instead of going down to Barcombe, my family are all coming up here.

I want daria dvds for chrimbo. Anyone have any idea where you can get them?
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we don't have internet at home, or even a phoneline and won't for a few months yet. I'm getting a library computer card on fruday, and after that i'll be on for 2 hours a day or something.

I'm really happy at the moment, just had some great news from a friend
Will be inhavant on friday. should be a laugh
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This is [ profile] kdelioncourt updating for the lovely [ profile] princesslia84! Her computer is screwy and evil, or in her words, "my pc is being a fuckwit". So no updateyness for now!
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so comment bee-yotches


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